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Baby Shower Games: Who Know Mommy The Best Questions?

Party Rock is in the house! It’s about time for a whole different vibe. Several guests. Family friends and members. Only one baby shower prize. Who’s going to win?

Who Knows Mommy The Best is centered around the celebrant. And for the most part, it makes a party feel accomplished. There’s never a moment of dullness. This game is one sure way to create evergreen memories. You should try it out.

Who Know Mommy The Best Questions?

In the meantime, which questions are present in this game? Check out our list of Who Knows Mommy The Best questions below:

  • Who was mommy’s first lover?
  • How many kids would mom-to-be desire?
  • What’s her current shoe size?
  • When is she expected to deliver?
  • What’s her pet name?
  • What would she be doing if she wasn’t carrying a baby?
  • What names does mommy-to-be have on her list?
  • How did she reveal her pregnancy to her husband?
  • What does/did she crave the most?
  • What is her favorite meal?
  • The list goes on and on.

It is important to note that these questions are printable. And each guest should have a copy. There shouldn’t be any fluidity of personal suggestions. This game is more fun because of its transparency and ability to spark everlasting memories.

You can choose how you want to play. Each method is super fun. Remember, the baby shower prize goes to Mom’s bestie. Put more simply, the individual with the highest score gets the prize.

Guests can participate as individual players with extensive ideas about the mom-to-be. In this case, each guest gets a paper with relating questions printed on it. These questions include optional answers with display boxes. Guests are expected to fill in the correct answers and tick where necessary.

The second method involves a dense setting. Everyone’s having fun and holding a printed paper with questions about the celebrant. Each guest then fills in the correct answers at their leisure (fair enough for a professional gathering).

The last method is also fun—maybe more fun.

Here, guests team up to answers questions about the new mom-to-be. This is usually preferable because participants get to share ideas when necessary. And, of course, the winning team keeps the baby shower prize.

Baby shower games will change a room setting from a casual and business-type gathering to a fun and exciting playground. Such trivia games are more prevalent in any event involving a mom-to-be. They’re the wave of the moment.

Who Knows Mommy The Best fits any kind of setting. It is a simple trivia game with less stress and more thrills. You won’t ever forget the experience.

The questions may be risqué, but organizers can make them optional. And the celebrant must know that these are just party questions.

Answer boxes will be available for those who’d love to pick a selected option.

You can try this at home, school, or any celebratory gathering. The activity involves more fun than ever before. And this is because everyone gets to share what they know about the celebrant. And memories are created.

Daniel Segun
Daniel Segun
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