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Discover the Top 50 Best Gaming Forums To Connect With Gamers

Are you a passionate gamer looking for a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss your favorite games? Here, I will show you the 50 best gaming forums!

Gaming forums are forums where you meet and share your experience with other gaming enthusiasts.

Gaming forums can be specific, focusing on a particular genre, or all-encompassing with several subcategories for discussing diverse game-related issues and topics.

These online communities provide a space for gamers to come together, share tips and tricks, review games, and discuss industry news. But with so many forums out there, how do you know which ones are worth your time?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of gaming forums and highlight the best ones for you to check out. From general gaming forums to those focused on specific genres or platforms, we’ve got you covered.

So grab your controller and get ready to join the conversation on the best gaming forums out there.

Below is a list of 50 of the best gaming forums

50 Best Gaming Forums

  1. Overclockers: Overclockers is the place if you want to enjoy discussing games and computer hardware. It is also a forum where you can source gaming hardware.Gaming Forums
  2. VGR: VGR is a discussion ground for all game genres, news, events, and reviews. Although it is a popular platform, it is not an overly busy gaming forum.
  3. Serebii: Serebii is a gaming forum for all pokemon discussions, news, events, and reviews. It also includes subcategories for discussing newly released games and other pokemon-centered discussions.
  4. Steam Discussions: Steam is one of the largest PC games platforms. The forum has categories for every type of game you buy on steam; hence you can engage other players playing the same game with you.
  5. Game FAQs: Game FAQs is one of the oldest gaming forums with dedicated message boards for all games in its repository. There’s also the main board where you can discuss general topics unrelated to a specific game or genre.
  6. GameSpot Boards: GameSpot board is an old gaming news and review forum. The platform maintains active System Wars and other gaming chatrooms where gamers can battle themselves.Gamespot Gaming Forum
  7. IGN Boards: IGN is a forum for discussion on all types of game genres, including PC games, sports, anime, and current happenings in the gaming world. The forum also publishes news and reviews on the latest gaming news and events.
  8. NeoGAF: Although this gaming forum has suffered controversy in the past, it still remains one of the best gaming forums and a reliable source of gaming news and reviews.
  9. ResetEra: ResetEra was born out of the controversy that trailed NeoGAF; hence the forum has a rigorous registration procedure. However, it is one of the best discussion grounds for PC gamers.
  10. Giant Bomb: Giant Bomb is a gaming forum known for its fun and relaxing video games and a Wiki place where gamers and other users can discuss gaming characters and concepts.Giantbomb
  11. Nintendo Life: Nintendo Life is a gaming forum for Nintendo fans to discuss all Nintendo releases and franchises like Mario, Zelda, Wii U, Amiibo, Nintendo Ds, etc.
  12. MMORPG: This is the largest MMORPG forum and discussion ground for World of Warcraft, known as one of the biggest video game genres.
  13. Minecraft Forum: Minecraft forum is one of the largest gaming communities where you can enjoy discussions on Minecraft with other players.
  14. Eurogamer Forum: Eurogamer Forum, founded by John Bye and Patrick stokes in 1999, has become one of the biggest discussion grounds and news sources for gamers worldwide.Eurogamer gaming forums
  15. PC Gamers Forum: PC Gamers Forum is a forum dedicated to PC games, hardware, accessories, gaming gears, news, events, etc.
  16. Ubisoft Forum: Ubisoft forum is a gaming forum created by Ubisoft Gaming publisher for discussing Ubisoft’s latest game releases. Members can also chat, ask questions and seek help resolving gaming issues on the forum.
  17. Elite Pvpers: Elite Pvpers is a gaming forum centered around PvP games. It is a place where you can get anything related to PvP games, talk on posts, threads, cheats, multiplayer, and non-multiplayer games.
  18. Video Gamer: This is a well-segmented gaming forum where you can find several game discussion rooms. The forum also has a general announcement and FAQ page where you can find relevant help and gaming-related news.
  19. Blizzard forum: Blizzard forum is the discussion ground for some of the biggest titles in the gaming world like Starcraft, WoW, overwatch, Heartstone, etc. You can also participate in discussions on other game titles and get strategies and support from the Blizzard forum.
  20. Rock Paper Shotgun: This is one of the best forums to discuss PC games, get the latest news and info, new releases, MMORPG strategies, etc.
  21. Game Revolution: Game Revolution is an entertainment forum where you can discuss games, movies, TV shows, comics, celebrities, technologies, etc. the gaming discussion on this platform focuses on gaming and retro gaming.
  22. Racket Boy: If you’re a Retro game lover, then Racket Boy is the best gaming forum for you. This is a forum where you can relieve early gaming days and also find everything relating to retro gaming ranging from classic consoles to gaming arcades.
  23. ArsTechnica: ArsTechnica is a gaming forum divided into three sections: Games, Operating System & Software, Hardware and Tweaking. It is one of the largest gaming forums where you can find anything ranging from networking hardware and gaming gears to information on coding & overclocking.
  24. Graff Forums: This is a gaming forum where you can discuss games like EQ, Guild Wars, WoW, Diablo, Mario, Pokemon, etc. You can also share codes and accomplishments, trade, etc.
  25. IndianVideoGamer: This is India’s largest gaming forum where you can discuss games like Ninja Turtles, Atomic Heart, Call of Duty, Trek to Yomi, WoW, PUBG, etc.
  26. Geeks+Gamers: Geek ­+ Gamers is a community of geeks and gamers where you can discuss favorite gaming characters like Kratos, Lara Croft, Sam Fisher, Jill Valentine, Solid Snakes, etc., genres, and much more.
  27. Adventure Gamers: This is a forum dedicated to adventure gaming, 2D animated game adventures, Sherlock Holmes, Robocop games, etc.
  28. The Verge: This is a gaming forum with a stylish design. You will find several gaming chat rooms where you can discuss several gaming topics, news, events, etc.
  29. StudentEdge: StudentEdge has a gaming subcategory made up of student gaming enthusiasts who engage each other in gaming and gaming discussions.
  30. NewGrounds: NewGrounds’ gaming subcategory is where you can discuss gaming and animations and share your opinions with other gamers worldwide.
  31. JoyFreak: JoyFreak is a gaming forum with discussion rooms for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS, Android, PC games, Stadia, esports, etc. It is also a source of the latest news trends and happenings in the gaming world.Joyfreak
  32. AVForums: AV Forum is a forum for any type of game, excluding PC games and consoles. You can also ask questions and get help on mobile game-related issues.
  33. Digital Spy: This is one of the UK’s biggest forums where you can discuss games, TV shows, and movies. Popular gaming categories on this forum include HTML5 Games, PS Games, PS 5, Dying Light, etc.
  34. Se7enSins Forum: Se7enSins is a gaming forum and news source where you can discuss PC games, next-gen console games, glitches in games, etc.
  35. Novel Updates: Novel Updates has a gaming forum where you can discuss with other like-minded gamers worldwide.
  36. Choice of Games Forum: This is a forum for discussing Choice of Games, CohiceScript, and other interactive fiction games.
  37. Gaming on Linux: Gaming on Linux is a small Linux fan forum where you can discuss Linux games and games streaming, news, tournaments, retrogaming, augmented realities, etc.
  38. GameGrin Forum: GameGrin is a community of gamers where you can join chat groups on any gaming topic, and get the latest gaming news, articles, reviews, etc.
  39. SA Gamer Forum: SA Gamer Forum is a South African Gaming community for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo, PC, and Mobile games discussions and marketplace.
  40. Steve Jackson Games Forums: This is a gaming forum with a general discussion room, general announcement board, and other gaming categories.
  41. TIGSource: TIGSource is a community of gamers and developers where you can participate in general game discussions, play testing, design, DevLogs, etc.
  42. Gaming Latest: Gaming Latest is a community forum where you can engage in gaming discussions ranging from Nintendo to PC games and also get the latest gaming news and events.
  43. Strategy Gamer Forums: Strategy Gamer is a forum for discussing gaming strategies, news, the latest games, guides, reviews, etc.
  44. PinoyGamer: This is a Filipino community where gamers can discuss game-related topics and get the latest gaming news, reviews, and events.
  45. EdgeGamers: EdgeGamers is a gaming community and marketplace where gamers worldwide can meet for friendly gaming, discussion, trade gaming gears, get strategies, etc.
  46. Quantum Gaming: This is a forum for discussing console games and other game-related topics and participating in community gaming.
  47. GamerMob: GamerMob is a discussion forum for PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC, Android, iOS games, etc., new releases, and recent happenings in the gaming world.
  48. D-Pad.Life: This is a community forum for discussing diverse gaming genres and other gaming-related issues.
  49. Xiled Gaming: XiledGaming, founded in 2006, is a gaming forum where you can discuss gaming topics of interest with other gamers worldwide.
  50. Star-by-Star Gaming: This is a community of gaming enthusiasts where you can discuss gaming-related topics ranging from gaming to retrogaming.


From general to specific genres, online gaming forums have everything for game lovers – from entertainment to reviews and news. Gaming has become more popular in the last few years. The best part is that you can find a community of gamers who share a common interest.

The best gaming forums listed above are some of the gaming communities with a large user base where you can participate in group discussions, chats, community gaming, marketplace, and much more.

If you love gaming and want to be part of a vibrant community, join a gaming forum. The best part about it is that you can discuss your favorite games and get help from other gamers. That’s the only way you’ll get the most out of these online communities of gamers.


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