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Can You Breed Gigantamax? [MUST READ]

Can You Breed Gigantamax? Read on to find out…

Gigantamax creatures first appeared in the Sword and Shield franchise of the pokemon game. Most gamers seem to enjoy the feature so much that they wish they can breed Gigantamax.

So in this article, I will provide an answer to the question ‘Can you breed Gigantamax?

Gigantamax pokemon are known to have an increased size and strength which make them belong to the list of the most powerful form of creature in the game. Each Gigantamax has its unique G-max moves which allow them to win battles easily. 

Also, they are very rare as you can find them only in specific locations of the game like the ‘Wild Area’

Therefore, players’ quest to breed such creatures is not surprising.

Can You Breed Gigantamax In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Sadly, you cannot breed Gigantamax, you can only obtain them through the Wild Area raids.

Although Gigantamax Pokemons can reproduce but they cannot pass their G-max trait to their Offspring.

I believe the game developers did this on purpose to make the game more interesting and challenging. It wouldn’t be a nice idea for all players to start building a Gigantamax family. 

Therefore, the fact that they are difficult to get makes them special.

What Is Gigantamaxing?

Breed Gigantamax

Gigantamaxing is a special type of Dynamaxing (a kind of pokemon transformation) that drastically increases the size of pokemon as well as changes their appearance. 

Meanwhile, gigantamaxing is limited to specific types of pokemon as only 32 species of pokemon are capable of gigantamaxing.

A gigantamax pokemon is a result of gigantamaxing. 

You can identify such pokemon with a red X symbol between its name and an image of the pokemon ball in the summary section.

The summary section can be found at the top of your screen.

How To Find Gigantamax Pokemon In The Wild Area

Breed Gigantamax

Since you cannot breed gigantamax, the best way to get them is to find them in the Five-Star Max Raid which occurs in the Wild Area.

So, to get them you need to defeat the Galar gym leaders in the Five Star Max Raid. 

Defeating them will earn you the Dragon Badge (the last gym badge in Sword and Shield franchise). When you have this badge, the task becomes easier.

Also, you can use a Wishing Piece on a Pokemon Den to attract these Gigantamax Pokemons.

So, try as much as possible to defeat all Pokemons in every Den because this will increase your chance of finding the G-max Pokemon.

The Den locations of Gigantamax pokemon can be very rare but you are most likely to find them in the Wild Card Area and the Isle of Armor.

Another option to get a Gigantamac Pokemon is to wait for their limited release to obtain them. 

These Pokemons are usually released in the game during specific dates.

Therefore, instead of trying to get them in the Wild Area Raid, you can wait for them to be included in the Wild Area Spawn Table.

To update this Spawn table, you will need to be connected to the internet so that you don’t need to pass any difficulty level to unlock the Gigantamax pokemon.


Gigantamax pokemon cannot be bred. Although they can reproduce but they cannot pass their Gmax trait to their offspring.

Therefore, the best way to get them is passing the Five Star Max Raid which earns you the dragon badge.

You also obtain them by waiting for their special release date.

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